There are so many reasons why growing plants in containers is a good idea. Naturally if you only have a small patio or even just a balcony then you may have no choice other than to grow flowers in planters. If space is not a problem you have far more scope to use containers in different ways to add to the attraction of your garden. According to Amanda “Containers are it” as she explains in her article which I came across on the American Meadows website.

Containers are it. Whether you?re gardening on a patio in the middle of a city, or have acres of land in the country, containers can ? and should be ? a gardeners? best friend.

Caladium in bloom.

They add flare to front stoops and porches, as well as offer surprising pops of color when hung from fence posts. They also give the gardener an outlet to add MORE, even when the garden may not have any space.
I am a city gardener, so I have utilized containers on my property for years. Sometimes I go all out, planting a variety of Dahlias, Caladium and Gladiolus, as well as trolling the aisles of the garden center, looking for discounted annuals that I know just need a little tender, love and care. But other years I keep it simple, sprinkling low-growing wildflower seeds in empty pots and popping a few Caladium bulbs in a planter.

Sap buckets being planted with Dahlias, Gladiolus & Caladium.

I will admit that a must-have for my garden, year after year, are Caladium bulbs. They are just too easy to grow, it?s almost a crime not to. I drop the bulbs into a pot (usually in threes), water them to remove any air pockets and leave it for weeks. The spectacular, unique color that Caladiums bring to my garden is a constant conversation-starter with my friends and I?ve turned them all onto these shade-loving beauties.
Dahlias and Gladiolus can also be planted in pots ? just make sure you use pots that are deep enough. Scattered throughout this post are photos of my sap bucket plantings this past season. You will notice the gorgeous blooms of the Dahlias and Caladium, but no Gladiolus. That?s because my sap buckets just weren?t large enough and my Gladiolus never bloomed. But that?s OK ? I know for next year to try a deeper pot.

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