Well it may have been nothing special as hedges go, but it was on the large size being some 100 foot long and ten feet tall. Of course hedges need to be trimmed to keep them in shape, but the owner of this hedge decided he fancied trying his hand at some topiary. So little by little he started to trim the hedge into the shape of a fantastic creature. In fact it took him ten years to complete the task as explained in this article which I found on the Slip Talk website.

Imagine sitting in your yard, when you see your elderly neighbor outside pruning the large hedge separating your yards. Most people wouldn?t think anything of it, until this specific hedge started to take an unusual shape. Well that?s exactly what happened in the village of Norfolk in England. Gardener John Brooker had a vision for this 100 foot long, 10 foot tall hedge. That vision was turning it into a massive dragon hedge!
It Took This Guy 10 Years To Finish This And Was Worth It. It's Unbelievable... OMG.
Every 2-3 weeks, John Brooker gets out his good old fashioned hedge clippers and a 6 foot ladder. He?ll spend approximately 2-3 days shaping this massive dragon to ensure it keeps it?s unique shape.
It Took This Guy 10 Years To Finish This And Was Worth It. It's Unbelievable... OMG.
You may wonder how it all got started. When asked, he said, ?I was tired of looking at a straight hedge, to be honest. It was pretty boring after a couple of years. The shape just suggested itself. It was just a completely-straight privet hedge to start with. Then I thought I?d carve some arches in the other end, then a head, and it just came from there.?

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