Maybe they are not all as stunning as the Angel’s Trumpet pictured above, but this collection of fifteen houseplants each has its own particular attraction. Some may be a little fussy about their location and require more care than others, but you will find plenty that will be ideal for your home. I found this list over at the Garden Lovers Club.

Decorating your home with plants and flowers is a wonderful thing. Incorporating the beauty of nature into your space will always bring a sense of accomplishment, especially when you take care of the plants that you choose to grow.
There are endless options when it comes to choosing what kind of flowers you want to grow, so we wanted to give you a sense of what is out there by creating this gallery of not only visually appealing, but olfactory appealing flower and plants.
Every flower and plant that you see featured here gives off a unique aroma, and paired with colorful flowers, they are all great accents for a home or garden space. Whatever you decide to incorporate into your home, it is always important to be mindful of what kind of maintenance and care a plant requires.
Take a look through this gallery of gorgeous plant life, and decide for yourself what would work best for your own space!

1. Scented Geranium

2. Shutterstock Scented Geranium
Scented Geraniums have small glands at the base of the hairs on their leaves, where the scent originates. You can crush up the?leaves and release the oils in the plant as well as the distinct scent. When well cared for, they have a lush green color, and can make a great accent plant for your home.

2. Arabian Jasmine

3. Shutterstock Arabian Jasmine
Arabian Jasmine?is a shrub-like plant with intensely fragrant little white flowers. If kept in a warmer climate, the flowers will stay in bloom year round. They are wonderful in?pots and planters,?and are a very popular decorative plant in the tropics.

3. Citrus Blossom

4. Shutterstock Citrus Blossom
This gorgeous plant has a number of different uses, but most importantly, the strong fragrance of the flowers makes them a popular accessory in fashion, weddings, and of course, garden design. The petals of this flower can be made into Orange Flower Water, which is a useful ingredient in baking.

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Image source: Garden Lovers Club



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