Discover the Truth About Glow in the Dark Planters

With the advent of darker evenings the idea of a glow in the dark planter is appealing, but is it true that all you need is a tin of special paint to achieve this effect? Well that is what the Austin Texas blogger Jennifer Garza set out to discover. She reports her results in this article which I found on the Sweet and Simple Living website.

There are tons of photos going around social media about Glow In The Dark Planters.? I just had to try to do this for myself.? I want glow in the dark planters in my back yard too!
Just look at how beautiful these are!
Glow in the dark planters(Image Source)
Someone started a DIY project idea stating these planters could be made with Rust-Oleum?s Glow In The Dark spray paint.? Chris and I were so excited to make some of our own.? Before going out and buying a beautiful planter and this amazing spray paint we decided to grab what we had already and see if we could achieve a similar outcome.
DIY Glow in the dark planters
We had this beautiful red planter and a can of our own glow in the dark spray paint.? We sprayed one layer and waited about 30 minutes, then sprayed another layer.? The planter was well coated.? The glow in the dark spray paint creates a yellowish color film layer which made that beautiful red gloss look dull and unattractive during the daylight.?? Here?s a close up of the glow in the dark spray paint results:
glow in the dark planter experiment
I would be okay with that dull color during the day if this really works is what my inside voice was telling me!!!
I patiently waited for the evening to see our results.

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