Discover The Top 5 Lavenders For the Garden

Lavender is one of those herbs that is grown for its fragrance and its drought tolerant properties.? It can be grown as a single plant in a herb garden or with others to form a fragrant hedge. The flowers can be harvested and dried to bring the fragrance indoors and also used in the kitchen. The article quoted below is by Diane Downey and comes from the Gardening Know How website.

Edible lavender for cupcakes, ice cream and rubs for meat.

Edible lavender for cupcakes, ice cream and rubs for meat.

Lavenders are the iconic plant of drought tolerant Mediterranean climates and they grow beautifully in a wide range of Sunset zones. They provide flowers, fragrance and handsome foliage that are right at home in the water wise landscape. The flowers can be dried to create fragrant sachets and potpourri, and eaten in ice cream, cakes and as rubs for grilled meats.
Lavenders can be planted as individual focal points, in groups of 3 or 5 for filling in hillsides, or as a low informal hedge.
Lavenders are bee and butterfly magnets drawing the widest range of butterflies to the garden.
All thrive in full sun and well-drained soil (add organic matter to improve heavy soils).

English Lavender

English lavender or Lavendula augustifolia is the most famous variety of lavenders that is wonderful for use in perfumes, sachets and cooking. The best named selections include:
??Buena Vista? which gets 1 1/2? ? 2? wide and tall with deep violet flowers and outstanding fragrance.
??Hidcote Blue? and ?Hidcote Superior? stays at 16? tall and 18? wide
??Thumbelina Leigh? ? stays 6? high and 12? wide with bright violet blue flowers that rise 6? above foliage.


Lavendula augustifolia or English Lavender

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