Every time we open a newspaper it seems we read an article about the latest “Superfood” which we are told is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins and should be an essential part of our diet. When we read on we will often find that the miracle food is just a common berry or nut that may already be growing in our garden. I found an article by Carrie Lamont on Dave’s Garden website in which she explores the whole phenomenon of Superfoods.

Look, out in the kitchen! It’s a berry, it’s a seed, it’s a Superfood! These ordinarily mild-mannered and familiar foods come to you in their secret identity as Superfoods. Disguised as simple sweet potatoes or normal almonds from a great metropolitan supermarket, these Superfoods fight a never-ending battle for health, nutrition, and the American way, Possibly if you eat enough of them, you, too, can be faster than a speeding rabbit, more powerful than a Roto-Tiller and able to leap tall saplings with a single bound!
Not too long ago, my beloved husband read to me from a list he had found somewhere online. “Hey, blueberries are a SUPERFOOD, too!” Yes, dear. “And so are walnuts, and scallops, and pineapple!” Mmm-hmm. Haven’t I been trying to explain just that for most of our years together? Some foods are healthier than others, dear.
But exactly what are Superfoods? Turns out nobody can really say. There is no definition for a Superfood. The word was first used, apparently, in the August 1998 edition of Nature Nutrition. It was used with the implied meaning that some foods are so good for you they could be called “superfoods.” The new word caught on, and now it seems you can’t look at the cover of a magazine without being assailed with the newest Superfood.

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