Discover The Snapdragons That Were Never Planted

Snapdragons or Antirrhinums get their common name from the fact that their blooms are said to resemble a dragon’s face. The plants have flowers in a wide range of colors the most common being pink and white. Snapdragons are usually treated as annuals and so are grown from seed each year. However just as weeds appear without any help from the gardener it seems that the same thing can occur with snapdragons as Megan Machucho explains in her article which I found on the Dengarden website.

I have lived in my house for almost three years now. I have planted a lot of flowers, shrubs, and other plants since moving in, but I have never planted snapdragons. Yet, somehow, last year two little snapdragon plants mysteriously appeared near my downspout and water meter. I thought that was what they were, but since they popped up out of nowhere, I had to consult a gardening friend to be sure. They didn?t exactly belong in that place?I would probably never plant anything there?but we loved them. My daughter would even water them every morning after they started to bloom.

Here we are a year later, and I now have a thicker snapdragon planting in the same place, and four different colors! I literally have done nothing to the plant since last year. I was sure that winter would kill last year?s snapdragon, and that this pleasant surprise was just a one-time thing.
After asking around, it turns out that others, too, have experienced these phenomena with snapdragons. I sought out to explain why these beautiful little flowers can pop up in unexpected places, and in unpredictable color combinations.
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