Succulents need plenty of light and so should be placed on a bright windowsill. When they do not have sufficient light the plants tend to grow tall and leggy which spoils their usual compact appearance. Fortunately there is a way of propagating succulents from the leaves of a leggy plant and I have found an article which shows how to accomplish this. The information comes from the Needles and Leaves blog.

How to propagate succulents from cuttings and leaves.
If you?re anything like me, you probably love to have succulents in the house. I try to keep them in bright windows that get plenty of light, but sometimes they can still get leggy. This happens when a plant isn?t getting enough light and it starts to stretch out causing the stem to grow long and the leaves to become widely spaced.
If you have a plant that is starting to become leggy like this one, have no fear!? This is the perfect time to propagate!
Gorgeous Succulent Plant: Propagating Succulents via Needles + Leaves. Learn?how to propagate succulents from leaves and cuttings.
Although this plant still looks gorgeous from the top, the lower leaves will begin to wither and fall off and soon we?ll be left with a rosette high above the soil on a long bare stem.? So before the leaves start to die, let?s pull them off and propagate them to make more plants.? Succulent propagation is easy, fun, and free!
We?ll start by removing the lower leaves first. Be really careful when you remove the leaves from the stem.? I hold the leaf firmly and wiggle it from side to side until I feel a little snap.? You want to be sure you get the entire leaf.? If you rip the leaf, leaving the base still attached to the stem, it will not be able to grow roots or a new plant.

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