Discover How To Create A Living Succulent Picture

There are so many interesting ways to display succulents both outside in the garden and indoors as a houseplant. One of the more unusual is to mount a collection of mini succulents in a picture frame that you can hang on the wall. In fact it turns out that this is a relatively simple process that makes a good DIY project. This article by Emma Smizer which I found on the Shareably website shows how to create your own living succulent picture in eight simple steps.

Succulents have become a sensation for gardeners everywhere and are even known as a staple in all types of home decor. This DIY article will help you create your very own living photo to hang anywhere ? outside or inside.

1. Getting the Materials

To start, you?re going to need an old photo frame, another plain wood frame for the shadow box, some wire, and of course, some succulent cuttings.

Source: Better Homes & Garden

2. Prep Your Cuttings

For this backyard project, you do not need to go buy a ton of succulents. If you have any already growing, don?t be afraid to cut off some small clippings. Succulents are incredibly resilient and will be able to sprout roots easily. Try leaving your cuttings out overnight to help them develop their stems ? don?t worry if they get a little dry, that?s completely normal.

Source: Better Homes & Garden

3. Add Your Shadow Box

For this, you?ll want to use naturally water-resistant wood like redwood or cedar. Create another box to give your frame depth and secure it on the backside of the old frame. This will give your plants space to grow and put down roots. Be sure to nail or screw it securely to the frame.

Source: Better Homes & Garden

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Feature photo: Better Homes & Garden