With winter fast approaching and the days becoming shorter and often dark and gloomy too, it’s hardly surprising that some of us may experience a fit of the winter blues. In part this is down to the lack of sun and also that all the greenery of summer is now past. This is why having plants in the house is both good for our health and for the atmosphere because of their air cleaning properties. However the color of the flowers is important as Sera Rogue explains in her article which I found on the Balcony Garden Web site.

9 different colors of houseplants and how they impact your lifestyle! Learn about them and bring them in to beat the winter blues!

If you are suddenly feeling anxious, tired or sad and that you?re lacking energy, well join the club and don?t worry; winter is coming. Days are way too short, temperatures are low, sun is absent of the picture and summer gave way to a colder and heavier season. Yes, it?s tough, but winter also has advantages: snowfalls, holidays, skiing. If winter activities are not enough to kick the blues, we have lots of suggestions for ways to lift your spirits up and get rid of the winter melancholies.

You miss the light, the greenery and the colors of summer? So let?s bring them home! A lot of studies have shown that indoor plants can have positive effects on wellbeing. Besides providing a soothing environment, reducing stress or making you relax, indoor plants also stimulate us. This is exactly what we need to beat the winter blues, isn?t it?

And to make the solution even more effective, you should include flowers in the mix. Indeed, colors have healing powers that can cheer anyone up! Garden design trends are also incorporating color therapy. Meaning, that the arrangements include colorful flowers which trigger happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner, as analyzed by behavioral studies led at Rutgers University. Let?s explore colors, shall we?

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