Coffee is an essential for many of us who need their regular shot of caffeine to help them make the most of their day. But once you have brewed and drunk your coffee don’t throw the grounds into the trash because you are discarding something that has many uses in the garden. In fact the twenty-five ways mentioned in the title also include uses in the home, but even so this list contains some great tips for gardeners.

You and coffee already know each other well; perhaps you spend each morning or more with a cup or two. Coffee is mostly used as a drink to help get you going, but did you know there is a lot more to it? Read our 25 weird ways to use coffee.
When using coffee grounds outdoors for gardening, composting and pest control, keep in mind they do not go bad. You can collect and store the coffee grounds in a large trashcan, so you?ll have them as you need them.

1. Grow mushrooms.

Why buy store bought when you can grow your own mushrooms? All you need is a bucket, a lot of coffee grounds, and Oyster mushroom spores. Check it out here: mushroom farm. It does take a lot of coffee grounds to grow them; one good source is to ask for leftovers at a coffee shop. They?ll be more than happy to supply you with them.

2. Grow blue hydrangeas.

Add coffee grounds to the soil and it will help your hydrangeas grow a vibrant blue. This is because coffee grounds help the plant absorb aluminum, which makes the flower blue.

3. Exfoliate face.

Add coffee grounds to your favorite oil, then gently rub on your face. Keep a safe distance from your eyes. Leave on for added anti-inflammatory benefit. See the YouTube video below for more information on how to reduce inflammation under the eyes.

4. Curb headaches.

Since caffeine reduces the swelling of blood vessels, migraine sufferers are told to drink coffee to curb headaches. Not only can it reduce intensity, but it can also reduce frequency. Just make sure it is not decaf. Here?s a medical study on caffeine and migraines.

5. Keep pests out of your garden.

You may enjoy waking up to the smell of coffee, but pets (especially cats) don?t find the odor so great. Simply sprinkle some coffee grounds around where you don?t want pets to tread. If slugs and snails are your garden pests, sprinkle coffee grounds as a barrier. As the grounds dry it will create a barrier that slugs will not crawl over.

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