The Dianthus comes in a variety of forms, but the one shown here is commonly known as a pink. The small highly fragrant flowers make this a favorite for the perennial border. Apparently the clove fragrance which we enjoy makes these flowers unappealing to deer, squirrels and other four legged nuisances. These details come from an article by Amanda which I found on the American Meadows website.

Dianthus is an old garden favorite, with spicy clove fragrance and colorful notched petals, illuminating gardens since Elizabethan times.
There is a wide variety of Dianthus, also known as pinks, maiden pinks and carnations. These are similar in style to the carnations you buy in local florist shops. The main difference is they are smaller and some have different textures. From small, brilliant-hued pinks to the full-sized powder-puff carnations, they add distinct color to the garden and make for elegant arrangements.
Pink Dianthus


Most dianthus bloom pink, red and white with notched petals. The low-growing varieties are great for rock gardens and the taller varieties are ideal for fragrant summer bouquets. Dianthus looks best planted in the front border of the garden, which allows their delicate blooms to be seen easily and easily accessible for cutting.

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