Create A Weed Free Flower Bed In 3 Simple Steps

This is a step by step guide on how to make a new flower bed where the plants can flourish and the weeds kept at bay. Providing you follow the instructions you should end up with an attractive flower bed that will not need constant weeding. In between the steps you will receive advice on choosing a spade and meet some donkeys. This guide is by Mike McGroarty and comes from Mike’s Backyard Nursery website.

Step one.? Site location.

Unless you are creating a garden of shade loving flowers, you?ll need a sunny location that has high visibility in your yard so the garden can be enjoyed by you daily and by those who visit your home.? Pick a spot that you can see from the spot where you relax the most.

Step two.? Removal of grass, sod, weeds or other vegetation.

There are a number of different ways to remove the vegetation from the area to choose for your flower garden.
You can cover the area with a thick layer of newspaper or cardboard then use something over top of that to hold it in place while you wait for the grass and weeds to die.? This is a good place to use Weed Barrier Fabric.? Over top of the cardboard just to hold it in place.? Do not use it in your flower bed.?? If you choose to cover the area with newspaper or cardboard to kill the grass and weeds I suggest you leave these materials in place for at least 8 weeks to make sure your efforts are successful.
The fastest but not necessarily the easiest method is to remove the grass and weeds from the bed before you start.? The most effective way to remove grass and weeds from a potential planting bed is with a good, heavy duty nursery spade.? Like this one!

A heavy duty nursery spade.

A heavy duty nursery spade.

A spade like this will set you back at least $89 if not more.? This tool is worth every single penny.? The $20 spade that you pick up at the hardware store or big box store will not compare.? They are too light and flimsy.? A good spade is heavy and rigid.? Once you use one, you?ll grab it for just about every job you do.? Think about a flywheel.? Flywheels are heavy for a reason.? They build momentum and once moving they are not easily stopped.? It?s the same with a good heavy duty spade.? Once the weight of this tool is in motion, it will not stop or bounce off of roots or hard soil.? At least no where as easily as a light tool.

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