If you have ever dreamed that it would be great to have a garden pond with plants and fish, but had been deterred by the thought of all the work involved, then this might be your answer. By creating a mini water garden in a container you will be able to enjoy the experience on a small scale and may even be inspired to move on to a full size pond. This article by Kriss Collins which I found on the Amateur Gardening website shows you how to set up your own mini water garden in 5 easy steps.

You don?t need a large pond to get water gardening. Many pond plants will grow happily in a small watertight container. Amateur Gardening?s Kris Collins shows how to set up your own mini water garden in 5 easy steps.
1 Site your container. Sit it on bricks or slabs if placing on a soft surface. This will help create a level and also prevent the barrel from rotting in contact with the soil. Check the rim with a spirit level
water barrel
2 Smooth out pond liner inside your container and only three quarters fill with water to leave room for the plants and their pots. Note the volume of water you add to make step 4 easier
adding pond liner

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