When you want to grow more plants and space is limited the answer is often to grow vertically. This way you can have more plants without obstructing the area below. The five easy steps mentioned in the title are not quite what you might expect. Naturally you need some form of container to hold the plants and in this article they suggest a small pocket planter. The five steps are basically instructions on how to fix the planter to the wall, but it’s worth a read for the pretty pictures.

You don?t have to be Patrick Blanc to create your own vertical garden. In even the smallest spaces, you can plant up instead of out with modular pocket planters like those from Woolly Pockets. Design your own green living wall virtually anywhere indoors or out?snip herbs right off a hanging herb garden in the kitchen, plant an ornamental wall in the living room, a vertical vegetable garden on your small balcony, patio fence, railing or?use your creativity!

Consider starting with a small pocket planter, like the Wally One, whose breathable soft-sided pockets are made in the good ?ol USA from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. You can use one alone or add a few to create a variety of shapes to fit your particular space. As easy as hanging a picture, Wally comes with all the necessary hardware?everything you need except the soil and plants. Think mini urban farm or small tropical hanging garden. If you can think it up, your Wally will hang in there for you.

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