Create A Stunning Feature With A Dry Creek Bed

Create A Stunning Feature With A Dry Creek Bed

I have always wanted to own a garden with a stream running though it and my wish was finally granted when I moved to a house with a lawn that sloped down to a small brook. Whenever my grandchildren came to visit the first thing they did was to race down to the stream for a paddle. Of course it’s not that easy to create an artificial stream, but you can make a dry creek which will look much the same and also provide a runoff for stormwater. The twelve examples shown below are described in an article by Kiki which I found on the Top Dreamer website.

And today I have a great idea for you. Dry river, or a river made with pebbles is a incredible decoration for every garden. It really looks like a river that has no water running. It will fit perfectly in your garden. Also, it is cheap and easy to make!

DIY Dry river ideas

Dry River Is A Cheap And Easy To Make, And It Looks Stunning!


First of all, you need to choose a good spot in your garden to put your dry river. You should decide whether it will be a centerpiece that will draw the attention, or a decoration for the sides of your garden. If you have plenty of space it can be the main decor in your garden. Everyone will be amazed.

You should be able to get lots of pebbles, that will be the ?water?. These should be similar in shape and size. They will form your river. You can line your river with big rocks. And it will really look like a river.

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