I came across this article at the Garden of Planters website. It gives a useful introduction on how to use garden planters and flower pots in your home. Then it looks at the the kind of containers you will need to buy and the type of soil to use. There is also advice on the kind of plants that you should choose.

If you are considering creating a container garden in outdoor planters for any area around your home, or if you have extra seeds, but have run out of space in your outdoor and greenhouse gardens, it’s time to learn a little more about container gardening in garden planters. Container gardening is an easy and rewarding way to indulge your greenthumb!
You can place your garden planters anywhere on a patio, balcony, porch, garden path or even on the lawn, as long as you plant the right type of plants for the location.
What kind of containers should you buy? The best outdoor planters are ones that you can put at least six to eight inches of dirt into, so your plants will have ample room to thrive and grow. When plants are root-bound they will die off. Root-bound simply means that the plant has too many roots for the container or the space in which they are growing. Containers also require adequate holes to allow proper drainage. The most common problem with plants in containers is inadequate drainage.

Planter Drainage is Very Important

When you are planting flowers, herbs, shrubs, or trees for your container garden, place a couple handfuls of rocks, pebbles, charcoal or styrofoam ‘peanuts’ in the bottom, to allow the water to drain through the soil in without washing the soil out of the drainage hole. Continue to fill the planter with your favorite soil mixture for planters, then add your plants or seeds. Water the seeds or plants when you first plant them, and then only as needed if it doesn’t rain on your container garden.
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