How to Choose the Best Plants for Your Garden

For many flower lovers entering a garden center is like a kid entering a sweet shop. We are dazzled by all the colorful plants and sorely tempted to make an impulse purchase. The truth is that buying plants in this way often leads to disappointment. The only sure way to know that a plant will thrive in your garden is to check that it is suitable for your local conditions. This article by Curtis Adams which I found on the Houzz website explains how to achieve this.

It?s nearly spring, which means it?s time to think about new plants for the garden. But where do you start? And how can you determine which plants will thrive in your landscape? There are a number of sources that can help you determine which plants will work best in your garden, depending on your preferences and available resources. Once you have your site information and design goals in hand, you are ready to find the right plants for your garden. Let?s get started.
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