There are many attractive herb garden designs, but they all suffer from one defect and that is that they are fixed in one place. On the other hand if you grow your herbs in containers you are able to move them around at different times of the year to suit your convenience. I came across an article by Melissa J Will, the self styled Empress of Dirt, over on her Empress of Dirt website in which she demonstrates these seven creative ideas for growing herbs.

There are many benefits to growing herbs in containers. When they?re portable, you can find their preferred sun and shade locations, and keep them close to the kitchen for cooking. Plus, they can be living, edible works of art. Come have a look at these creative planter options.
If you?re new to growing herbs, this sun chart is helpful.

Portable Edible Garden Art

I struggled to grow herbs for years until I started using raised garden beds and containers. Ding ding! Then, because I could control the soil, water, sun, and shade, everything came together. You quickly learn which herbs like which spots on your patio, balcony or in your garden.
Because herbs in containers can be so forgiving, the opportunity to dress them up in creative and quirky containers is wide open.
Here?s some ideas from various creative gardeners

7 Creative Ways to Grow Herbs

1 Pallet herb garden | Empress of Dirt
I saw this pallet garden on a home garden tour. There?s more photos at the bottom of this post.
2?DIY Fairy Herb Garden | Empress of Dirt on eBay
Sweet way to combine potted herbs with fairy garden accessories.
3?Potted Herb Gardens | Sensible Gardening & Living
When deer are a problem, keeping edibles including?herbs in pots close to the house is convenient for the cook and uninviting?for the critters.

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Image source: Empress of Dirt