Sitting outside in your garden should be a pleasurable experience, but when houses are built closer together you may feel that you are being overlooked. There are many methods that you can use to ensure your privacy. At its most basic you can build a wall or fence, but there are other ways that may be more attractive and can be equally effective. This list of thirteen ideas comes from the Listotic website.

With homes being built closer and closer together, it?s easy to feel like you?re living in a fish bowl. Houses are being built much larger, but the opposite is true for the lots! This can sometimes feel like you don?t have your own space. Fortunately, there are a lot of clever and attractive ways to create privacy in your yard, or on your deck. Whether you have a small or large budget, you can get creative with these yard privacy tips and potentially create your very own personal retreat!

1. Tiered Hanging Pots & Vines
Add privacy and shade to a covered porch by layering hanging pots. Trailing plants like Ivy are excellent fillers, but just about any full plant or flower will work to suit the season. You can also plant fast growing vines in pots, attach rows of fishing line from the flower pots up to the porch cover, and guide the vines to grow up the wire. Flowering vines, like morning glory, can reach 20 feet in a matter of just a few months.
2. Outdoor Privacy Screens
The biggest benefit of a privacy screen is that it?s less permanent than a fence and can be moved around the yard as you please. They are great for adding privacy to a small area without having to fence in the entire backyard. They are available to buy in just about every material, but you can also make your own!
3. Outdoor Privacy Curtains
Just like in your windows at home, privacy curtains made out of outdoor fabric are an attractive way to create a little private retreat. They create privacy and shade just when you need it.
4. Bamboo Screening
Bamboo makes for excellent tall, lush and dense screens! It can grow in the ground or in a planter, depending on your needs. Use it in an area of the yard that perhaps has high exposure from the road or neighboring home.
5. Make A Garden Wall
Get crafty and make your very own garden wall! This not only serves the purpose of creating privacy, but also gives you more room to grow an herb garden by using vertical space, and could potentially mask an unattractive wall or neighboring home.

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