A garden gate is usually erected for a practical purpose. Either you want to keep animals in or keep others out. Whatever the purpose it is possible to make this an attractive feature of the garden especially if the gate is surrounded by flowers. I found this collection of ten floral garden gates over on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Gates are an important feature of a garden?particularly if you enjoy your privacy, or if you have a fence. Regardless of whether your gate is in the front yard, backyard, or even leads to another part of a massive ornamental garden, as the incredible wrought iron and stone gate above does, adding flowers to the design is a perfect way to dress them up.


1. Whimsical Purple Gate


Source: HGTV
A bright purple gate with a curved top and bright pink roses to the left. Hedges line the brick pathway leading up to the gate.

2. Glorious Garden Gate


Source: Pinterest
Thick, lush displays of colorful flowers and other flora decorate the path leading up to and around the stone arch and gate. To the left is a large tiered waterfall.

3. Rustic Wooden Gate With Lavender


Source: Pinterest
Lavender is an aromatic herb that grows into thick, colorful bushes. In this case, it?s a great way to line a rustic path leading up to an old wooden gate.


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