Most people prefer to buy a live tree for the Christmas holiday rather than to use an artificial one. While an artificial tree can be used many times and brought out each year, a tree that has been cut and taken indoors needs a little care. Without proper attention your tree can dry out and start to drop its needles which will spoil its appearance and also be a nuisance. This article from Gardening Know How has some handy tips to help you out.

Caring for a live Christmas tree doesn?t have to be a stressful event. With proper care, you can enjoy a festive-looking tree throughout the Christmas season. Let?s look at how to keep a Christmas tree alive through the holidays.

How to Keep a Christmas Tree Alive

Keeping a Christmas tree alive and healthy throughout the holiday season is easier than one might think. It takes no more effort in caring for a live Christmas tree than it does a vase of cut flowers.
The most important aspect of live Christmas tree care is water. This is true for both cut trees and living (root ball intact) Christmas trees. Water will not only keep the tree alive but will also prevent safety issues associated with drying out. Location is another important consideration. Where the tree is placed in the home determines its longevity.

Cut Christmas Tree Care

Fresh cut trees will last longer by practicing a few simple guidelines. First, you should acclimate the tree before bringing it directly into your home. Going from one extreme to another, such as a cold outdoor environment to the heated indoors, can cause stress on the tree, resulting in dryness and the premature loss of needles. Therefore, it?s better to set the tree in an unheated area, like the garage or basement, for about a day or two before bringing it inside.

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