Planning your vegetable garden for the current season can be a time consuming business so it would be useful if there was a blueprint that you could follow. That is just what I have found in this article from the Blooming Hell Garden website. After a chatty introduction there is a detailed plan with month by month to-do lists including colored charts.

Today we got up early (well, early for a Saturday), walked the dog and then called into our garden centre. When I say ?our? garden centre, I do not mean that we own a garden center, more than there is a garden centre which receives?a large chunk of our disposable income.
We were here for sand to improve drainage in the herb garden and to mix into the meadow seed.
While there we also picked up a stepping stone with a compass design in the middle, some finch mix bird seed (which I now need to buy another feeder for), some bark which we use for mulching and a cultivator tool.

Back at the ranch I topped up the bird seed on the table and in the feeders, Andrew strimmed the meadow and raked up the cuttings, we took turns using the cultivator on any bare patches of soil, scattering seed mixed with sand and stomping it in.
Turning our attention to the vegetable garden, I cleared and dug over bed 2 while Andrew did the same with bed 4. We added manure to bed 2 where we will soon plant Potatoes and lime to bed 4 where this season we will grow Brassicas.
Andrew mulched the herb bed and did some general weeding while I planned. Andrew likes to make fun of my plans and he is probably right to. I get a strange joy out of thinking up plans: Colour coded charts with information cross referenced from multiple books and websites. I can easily lose hours in the detail until Andrew asks when I am going to stop thinking about gardening and start helping again.

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Image source: Normanack

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