The average garden will have plenty of dull brown and gray as its main winter colors, but there are some plants that can provide something that is worth looking at. This short list covers just a few of the plants that can supply interest and color at this season. Top of the list is holly with its evergreen leaves and bright red berries. Also included are witch hazel and pansies both firm winter favorites. Number five was a surprise for me, but then this list is the personal choice of Liz Baessler whose article I came across on the Gardening Know How website.

Winter can be a tough time for the gardener. Not only are all those fresh flowers and vegetables gone, but so are their bright colors. Where you used to have more colors than words for them, now you have white, gray, and the occasional brown. Come to think of it, winter?s a tough time for everyone. But it doesn?t have to be! While the options may be whittled down a little, there?s plenty of brightness to be had if you know where to look. Here are our top 6 plants for winter color.
1. Holly
There?s a reason so many Christmas wreaths are made of holly. Most varieties are evergreen, which means they provide bright green foliage all year long. It?s their vivid red berries that are the showstoppers, though.
2. Cranberry bush
Similar to holly, cranberry bush is a plant that produces bright red berries (hence the name) that appear in the fall and last well into winter. Unlike holly, the cranberry bush loses its leaves every year. It does it with style, though, turning stunning shades of yellow and purple in autumn.

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