Most of us choose houseplants that have attractive flowers or leaves to add a decorative feature to our home. As well as their beauty some houseplants perform a useful function by acting as natural air cleaners by absorbing chemicals emitted by some furniture and other items. I came across an article by Master Gardener Mary H Dyer on the Gardening Know How website which describes the best plants for this purpose.

Houseplants provide beauty and interest, bringing a bit of leafy, green, outdoorsy ambiance to the indoor environment. However, plants play an even more important role by helping to improve air quality in your home.
Research by a team of NASA scientists indicates that these helpful houseplant air purifiers clean the air during the natural process of photosynthesis. The pollutants, absorbed by the leaves, are eventually broken down by microbes in the soil. Although all plants are believed to be beneficial, researchers discovered that some plants are especially effective at removing dangerous pollutants.

Best Houseplants to Purify Air


Air purifying houseplants include several familiar, inexpensive, easy-to-grow houseplants. For example, golden pothos and philodendron are superior air purifiers when it comes to removing formaldehyde, a colorless gas released by glues and resins in particle board and other wood products. Formaldehyde is also emitted by cigarette smoke and fingernail polish, as well as foam insulation, some draperies, synthetic carpeting and household furnishings.

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