Best Annual Flowers To Grow From Seed

If you are looking for a decent number of plants to provide an early splash of color in the garden the best way is to grow them from seed. Plant the seeds indoors and then transplant once the weather warms up around May. There are eighteen annual flowers on this list which I found on the Backyard Gardener website.

When you want lots of color quickly, flowers to cut by the armful and bloom all summer, you want annuals. For earliest possible bloom, sow seeds indoors, then transplant-or buy started plants in May. But you?ll still get plenty of flowers if you wait till the danger of frost is past and sow the seed of quick-growing varieties where you want the plants to grow outdoors.


Uses: For cut flower or garden display Colors: Almost full range Height: Dwarf, 1 foot, others 18 inches Final spacing:18 inches When to sow: Earliest spring. (Sow inside for even earlier bloom) Try these varieties: New Tetra varieties are very large, often ruffled, and on extra compact spikes

Hint: If you water carefully to keep leaves dry, rust isn?t likely to attack your plants.


Uses: Masses of bloom. Cut flowers Colors: Orange or lemon, sometimes penciled with a deeper color Height: Up to 2 feet Final spacing: 12 to 15 inches When to sow: As soon as soil can be prepared in spring Try these varieties: Yellow Colossal (huge, clear yellow); Yellow shaggy (more informal); Orange Ball (vivid color) Hint: Keep the fading flowers picked to lengthen flowering period.


Uses: Mass color Colors: Orange, creamy white, carmine, pink Height: Up to 2 feet Final spacing: 8 inches When to sow: Early spring. (Or in fall) Try these varieties: Sunbeam (erect, double orange flowers); Red Chief (single, deep red); Creamy Crinkles (apricot double); Ramona (golden bronze inside, coppery rose outside) Hint: Unless moved with an unbroken ball of soil, plants do not transplant easily.


Uses: Background for annual beds and borders. Excellent cut flowers Colors: Crimson, pink, white, yellow Height: Usually 5 to 6, may reach 10 feet Final spacing:: 18 inches When to sow: Early spring Try these varieties: Yellow Flare (golden); Orange Flare (golden orange); Radiance (rose with crimson center Sensation Hint: Pinch out tips of shoots frequently to keep plants branchy and full of bloom.

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