Best 8 Ideas For Permanent Color In The Garden

For me half the fun of gardening is watching the plants develop through the season. In spring we look forward to new growth with more and more flowers blooming as the months pass until fall when the garden begins to close down for winter. In between there will often be periods when there are less blooms and that is when these ideas can help to compensate by providing alternative color. I came across these ideas in an article by Marianne Lipanovich which I found on the Houzz website.

In an ideal world, your garden would be filled with year-round seasonal color, thanks to strategic plantings. In the real world, too many of us are faced with times when our gardens are, quite frankly, rather drab and dreary. If your garden occasionally suffers from the doldrums, check out these ways to add some color that you can count on.

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Feature photo: Keystone Cabinetry Inc