Flies are both a nuisance and a health hazard and so need to be controlled and ideally completely banished from the house. While there are things you can buy to deal with this nuisance such as sprays, swatters and even the old fashioned fly papers, a gentler way is to place a pot of herbs in the room. This list of eight herbs and five other plants comes from an article by Danielle McCleod which I found on the Backyard Boss website.

My son recently asked what ?possible good flies were? as he attempted to swat away the worst of them during an outdoor family meal. Equally annoyed, I wasn?t even going to attempt to explain the role they play in the ecosystem since I was too busy gathering up our dinner to bring it back in the house- and right there decided I needed to find a solution to get rid of these pesky creatures.
Flies come only second to mosquitoes on the annoyance scale in our household, and are number one in what I most want to eradicate since they can spread germs (and not to mention are obnoxious). It doesn?t take long to become overwhelmed with flies in some of your favorite outdoor spots no matter what time of day.
There are many plants that are touted as repelling the worst of our biting and buzzing insects, and below I?m going to provide you a healthy list that will help aide in keeping flies away. Combined with other proactive attempts to eradicate your fly problem (keeping animal feces picked up, covering your compost pile, and dusting damp areas with lime or diatomaceous earth to name a few), plants CAN, and WILL help deter these annoying little critters.

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