While the flowers that bloom in summer will now have faded it is still possible to enjoy a colorful container garden until the first frosts arrive. The secret lies in choosing the right plants for the season. I found this article by Lisha Utt over on The Master Gardeners website in which she explains how she keeps her containers looking good until the first frosts and lists her choice of plants that will thrive at this time.

I love container gardening. It is by far the most creative and satisfying aspect of gardening that I do. But now fall weather is here with its’ cooler temperatures, a supposed welcome respite from the summer heat and humidity. I should be happy but confess I am not. My mind is already skipping ahead to winter when my pots are empty and stacked forlornly in the garage.
So in an effort not to succumb to these “pre-winter blues”, I’ve decided to spend as much time as possible outdoors this fall and try to keep my containers looking good until the first frost, even beyond. Here is my plan:

  1. Continue to water the containers regularly. The temperatures may be cooler but the plants have been growing all summer and their roots have filled the pot so they can still dry out very quickly. Daily watering may even be required.
  2. Continue to fertilize the containers. The growing season is long for annuals and they will greatly benefit from the nutrients. This is especially true if the plants have pale leaves and decreased blooms. A water-soluble fertilizer can be used every other watering until the first frost, but even if just fertilized one more time for the season, the plants will show a definite improvement.

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