Best 8 Berries You Can Grow In Containers

We have been able to buy special pots known as strawberry planters for many years, but I had not heard of some of the other berries on this list being grown in containers. Still if you want to try growing this type of fruit and are short of space then this is the answer. This article by GreenYardStuff which I found on the Green Yard website describes the eight of the best berries that you can grow in containers.

Want to grow berries? But what to do if you don?t have space to plant them? Growing berries in containers is?the answer!

1. Strawberries


Growing strawberries in containers?is quite easy. One of the best berries to grow in containers, strawberries are perfect for planting in a small balcony. Check out this informative article to find out the right time for planting strawberries! Strawberries can be planted in hanging baskets, strawberry planters, and terracotta pots with 20-30 cm spacing in between the plants.

2. Acai Berries (Weight Loss Berries)


Due to their significant health benefits and the fact that they are very rare, Acai berries can be quite expensive. Luckily, you can try to grow these berries in containers. Only dwarf Acai berry palm can be tried, which on the ground can grow up to 20-30 ft tall but in containers, the height will be reduced to 10-12 ft tall. It takes at least 3 years to become mature and start fruiting. It can be demanding regarding space and time, and you?ll need a large container. Growing Acai palm is suitable in warm subtropical or tropical climate. Colder regions may not be ideal for Acai berries, but you can always use a greenhouse to grow them.

3. Raspberries

USDA ZONES? 2-8, cultivars like Mysore raspberry?can be grown in warm subtropical and tropical regions

If you are interested in growing raspberries in a?container, then you should start by preparing a well-drained pot filled with fertile soil. Ensure that the plants have access to a lot of sunlight. You can comfortably plant six raspberry plants in each container (60 cm in diameter). This helps you to avoid straining the soil?s nutritional resources. Also, remember to water the plants regularly to keep the soil slightly moist always while feeding with a high potash fertilizer during growth for sweeter berries.

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