Best 7 Crops For A Perennial Harvest

Most vegetables are annuals that produce one harvest and then have to be planted again every? year, but there are some fruit and vegetables that are perennial and once planted will produce crops for several years. This article by Tanya which I found on the Lovely Greens website describes seven of the best.

Perennial fruit and vegetables are a staple in every edible garden. They?re low-maintenance crops that only need to be planted once and are often the first crops of the year to?produce. Instead of sowing seeds each year, they regrow of their own accord, providing you with the easiest harvest possible. This list includes seven perennials you can get started in your own garden, along with tips on how to grow and care them.


Once established, berry plants and bushes will provide you with fruit every single year. Some of the easiest to grow are strawberries, raspberries, red currants, and gooseberries. This list goes on though and I also grow blueberries and thorn-less blackberries.

  • Soft fruit is planted once and then will crop for at least three years, if not longer
  • Strawberry plants need to be replaced after three years since older plants aren?t as productive
  • Keep the area around your plants weeded and feed the plants each year with garden compost, composted manure, and other organic feeds
  • Some raspberries benefit from being pruned right down to the ground every winter

7 Perennial Fruit and Vegetables: Plant Once and then Harvest for Years

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