Best 20 Perennial Flowers For The Garden

Perennial plants form the backbone of the garden. Buying a number of decent sized plants may seem expensive, but once established you will have regular blooms for many years ahead. While annuals can be useful for filling in gaps in the border they will only last for the one season. The twenty favorite perennial flowers are described in an article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

It?s no wonder that for generations perennial flowers have graced gardens around the world.?There is a certain pleasure in seeing the arrival each year of favorites that like wildflowers, just seem to happen on their own. Once established in their designated areas they will delight by naturalizing and spreading the beauty of these favorites year after year with minimal efforts. No need to replant entire areas every spring, as these wonders of nature will show up with little more than watering. Additional care of perennials includes the very important habit of deadheading, which is simply cutting or plucking off the old dead blooms. This will encourage new blooms as the energy involved with creating seeds is now sent back to the plant to produce more flowers.

The following will introduce you to 20 favorite perennial flowers that are easy to bring into your gardens and may serve to fill out difficult planting areas such as slopes, rocky areas, depressions, ledges and even around trees. Early spring bloomers can be placed around deciduous trees announcing the beginning of the growing season, think Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths.


Aster x Frikartii Flowers bring a pleasant pastel pop of purple color to any perennial garden. Growing best in full sunlight they make a great addition to butterfly gardens, backyard landscapes, and more. Their daisy styled shape and their long stems make them perfect additions to floral arrangements or bouquets. Aster x Frikartii plants grow to be roughly two feet tall.
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