Best 15 Ideas For Winter Container Gardens

Best 15 Ideas For Winter Container Gardens

While most gardening activity ceases during the winter there are ways that you can create a container garden to enjoy at this season of the year. Using a combination of small evergreen plants and other natural materials it is possible to create something amazing as Kathy Woodard explains in her article which I found on The Garden Glove website.

Learn how to make winter garden planters and remind yourself on those blustery days of the bond we have with nature. These easy container recipes, tips and tricks will help you create winter containers that wow, without spending a lot of money or time.
Pam at ?House of Hawthornes? uses the same method as we do to plant her winter garden planters. This one is so simple, and if any of the greens dry out, you can easily replace them as the season goes on. (Oh, and you can add holiday sparklies during December.)

Heather at ?Setting for Four? added birch branches to her basic winter garden containers. She flanked her front door with these, then added red for holiday pop!

From ?5Th and State?, this winter garden planter is a perfect example of using both living plants and branches. This one includes white ornamental cabbage, yellow twig dogwood branches, cedar branches, fir tree branches and some eucalyptus.

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Feature photo: Southern Living

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