Best 15 Fantastic Fall Wreath Designs

The fall season is upon us so if you have not already done so now is the time to fix a wreath to the front door. If you are looking for some inspiration check out this gallery of fifteen fall wreaths. As you will discover owls are very much in fashion along with the usual pumpkins and ribbons. The fifteen fabulous fall wreaths are described in an article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Nothing is better than feeling the fresh, crisp air of fall after a long, hot summer. Well, nothing except maybe decorating for fall! We have catalogued fifteen amazing decorative fall wreaths to get your home dressed for the occasion of welcoming this wonderful season. You will see wreaths for every taste and style that will show visitors to your home that you are excited to welcome the autumn season. Each wreath has its own unique feel, which may make it difficult to pick a favorite. There are many wreaths adorned with owls, numerous wreaths with fall colored leaves, and several more wreaths created from grape vines, to give your home that personal, autumn and earthy touch.

1. Bunched Burlap Wreath with Floral Accents

Source: Crafts By Amanda
A natural toned, bunched burlap wreath accented with a quaint lace bow and beautiful fall flowers, roses, carnations, a sunflower and baby?s breath. This wreath is a beautiful combination that reminds me of the countryside.

2. Owl in the Forest Wreath

Source: AdorabellaWreaths ? Etsy
This is an earthy, inviting wreath that lovingly captures an owl in his native habitat. This wreath starts with a grape vine frame and a majestic owl perched on mushroom pads. It is amazingly accentuated with fabulous greenery, a burlap floral bouquet, and accent mushrooms.

3. An Owl among the Lilies

Source: Subjects Chosen at Random
A beautiful floral wreath adorned with some of Fall?s most fabulous colors. Here a small owl perches on a spray of green tinted lilies, sunflowers, and rich multi-colored mums wrapped in a regal burgundy bow.

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