Best 10 Annual Flowers For A Garden

Annual flowers are those that grow from seed to maturity in one year and are then recycled as compost as opposed to perennials which die back in the winter then re-emerge in the following spring to bloom again. Most gardens will contain a mixture of both types using annuals to fill blank spaces while waiting for the perennials to develop, but this a matter of personal preference. This article by Liz Baessler which I found on the Gardening Know How website is all about annuals.

Annual flowers are the best. You don?t need to worry about winter care or long term health. You can just put them in the ground, let them do their thing, and reap the rewards. Whether you choose to start them from seed or buy established plants from the garden center, you can get great, vibrant color without too much worry.
Here are our top 10 annual plants for the garden:
1. Sunflower

A plant that gives you a lot of bang for your buck, sunflowers can reach 10 feet or more in height, though with medium and even dwarf varieties available, they can be found in virtually any size you like. These plants love dry weather, heat, and ? wouldn?t you know it ? sun!
2. Petunia

Do you want beautiful trumpet shaped flowers in a huge range of colors? If so, petunias are for you. Another easy, heat tolerant plant, petunias are spectacular in hanging baskets.
3. Snapdragon

Unique spires of flowers in any color you could want? Yes, please! Snapdragons get their name because if you squeeze either side of the flower, it looks like a dragon opening and closing its jaws.
4. Marigold
One of the best flowers you can grow is the marigold. Easy, hardy, and the mother of all natural pest deterrents!
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