With climate change in mind people are becoming more aware of the need to cut down on the amount of water they use in the garden. The best way to save water is to grow plants that do not need frequent watering and can survive moderate drought conditions. In fact it is easier to find plants that are suitable than you might think. This article which I found on the Perennial Resource website describes what it means by “drought tolerant” plants and gives advice on cultivation. It also includes an extensive list of plants that will thrive in these conditions.

Ask any seasoned gardener and they will tell you stories of their watering woes. “We never had to worry about water shortages before, watering only on even or odd numbered days, or any of this! It seems like we could depend more on the spring rains back then too, but when it was dry we simply got out the hose and watered our garden. Nowadays, we have to sneak out at night to water like we’re criminals!”
While some of these seasoned gardeners continue the uphill battle of keeping their gardens watered, many gardeners are now choosing to work with the changing climate rather than fight it. They are replacing water-hungry annuals with drought tolerant perennials that will thrive with little attention in their landscape for many years to come. With such a wide selection of drought tolerant plants now available in garden centers nationwide, gardeners can choose from an array of beautiful flowering plants in a rainbow of colors and sizes.

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