A garden pond transforms any garden from a place where you spend your time caring for plants to somewhere you can relax beside the sound of gently bubbling water and watch fish swimming lazily under blooming waterlilies. In this article by Conal Gallagher which I found on his Moss and Green website he talks of his childhood in Ireland and explains why ponds are not just pretty but form an important part of the landscape.

In my youth, Ireland’s ?landscape was peppered with ponds and swampy fields. As small boys, we’d roam the countryside in gangs, catching tadpoles, fishing for tiddlers or trying to leap impossible ditches. In recent times, ponds have been replaced by patios or decking – but that’s all about to change because the humble garden pond is making a comeback.
Ponds are not just pretty – they’re important. Besides having enduring charm, they’ve become lifelines for water-dependent wildlife.?A well-designed?pond makes a fantastic addition to any garden landscape and given the Irish climate, there will be no shortage of water to fill it.
Ask anybody who has a garden pond and they will probably ?tell you how much it has transformed their garden. ?They’re soothing and provide visual stimulation that transforms outdoor living areas.If you’ve always dreamed of having a water feature in your garden, now is the time for action. Spring is the ideal season to build a pond, so let’s get stuck in…
Sketch it out
It is important to really plan your pond, so don?t just rush out and start buying material and pond equipment without considering the best way.?Start off by ?drawing up a plan of your pond and how you would like it to look.A wildlife pond should be an informal, natural design. Draw the shape with flowing curves that link it to a flower border.?Pond edges should be shallow, a hole more like a saucer than a breakfast bowl, with soft foliage and?rocks?can be used to help soften the edge
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