Awesome Garden Decor From 19 Upcycled Objects

Yes I know it’s another of those lists of common household objects being pressed into use as planters, but there are some real fun ideas in this collection so well worth a look. One of my favorites is shown above which is described as “ancient greek flare”. Just wait till you see the waterfall piano, although the offering from the Eco Museum would not find a place in my garden. This is the work of Emma Smizer whose article I found on the Shareably website.

You?ve probably heard of reduce, reuse and recycle, but have you ever heard of upcycling? This new trend has been sweeping the internet with its cute DIY style and environmentally-friendly flare. Upcycling is similar to recycling but with a twist ? instead of just reusing something, upcycling means to also revamp it.

Thanks to some really green-minded and green-thumbed gardeners, we?ve compiled all the upcycling inspiration you need to take your next project. Let?s break it down!

1. How can you not?love these adorable rain-boot containers?


2. This paper plate art is sure to brighten up any and all garden!


3. I?m sure not many of us happen to have a tub just lying around, but this would make for the best planter. Especially with that amazing mosaic!


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