The Primula auricula in all its different forms has a devoted following of growers who specialize in this attractive plant. For those of us who are not specialists there is no need to concern ourselves with the fact that auriculas are classified into four groups with sub-categories of four more, but we can just enjoy the stunning photos. These come from the Wisley Alpine Log website.

Auriculas in Pots

Primula auricula ‘Cherry Picker’
The extraordinary blossoms of auriculas have been putting on a great show for us over the past six weeks or so. Though now towards the end of their flowering season this seems a good time to do another plant special and focus on these popular plants.
Of course Primula auricula in all its forms has had the devoted following if not obsession of a large number of growers over a long history. As a result, there is a large amount of good, easily available information out there for anyone coming fresh to these plants. So in this log, I will point you in the right directions to this wealth of information, while describing here just how we do things at Wisley with regard to growing them and share pictures of a few of the huge number of forms available. (There are over 700 cultivars listed as available in the current RHS Plantfinder!!)

Primula auricula ‘Joel

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