Amaryllis As You've Never Seen Them Before

Well perhaps you have, but I certainly have not come across these varieties of Amaryllis before. Rather than a single color here you will find several varieties of striped flowers and then there are those with extra petals which give an entirely fresh look. And there are more color choices than the usual white and red such as Terra Cotta Star, Lagoon and Magic Green. These amazing plants are described in an article by Kathleen LaLiberte which I found on the Longfield Gardens website.

For me, amaryllis are?a necessity. I always feel a bit lost during the winter when I can?t be in my garden. Planting?amaryllis bulbs and watching them grow is both comforting and satisfying. It?s just enough like gardening to?keep me sane while?I?m waiting to get?my hands back in the soil.
Amaryllis have always been impressive, but today there are?some truly fabulous?varieties to choose from. If it?s been a while since you have grown amaryllis, or, ?if you tend to stick with traditional reds and pinks, read?on to see?some irresistible options for the coming season.

Amaryllis with Stripes

All?three?of the?varieties shown above, have?bright?white petals and?distinctive red markings. They are far?more elegant than you?d expect from flowers described as being ?striped.? Need a mid-winter display?of nature?s artistry??These varieties?are just the thing.
This winter I am?growing two other striped amaryllis: Dancing Queen?and Exotic Star. See what you think:

Amaryllis With a Difference - Longfield Gardens
Dancing Queen

I usually start the winter with 6-8 amaryllis bulbs. I plant two in early November, two in early December and the rest?in early January. This gives me plants at all different stages and I can usually count on a full?three months of flowers.

Amaryllis With a Difference - Longfield Gardens
White Nymph left; Sweet Nymph right

Amaryllis With Extra Petals

Extra petals aren?t always?a good thing. Sometimes plant breeders modify flowers in ways that obscure their natural beauty.?But I think?extra petals give amaryllis flowers?a soft and romantic quality. This year I am growing two doubles: Nymph and Aphrodite.

Amaryllis with a Difference - Longfield Gardens
Amaryllis Aphrodite

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Feature photo: Exotic Star

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