Allow The Garden To Choose Its Style

Well, not entirely of course, but if you allow nature to teach you how it wishes to develop your life will be simpler. You will also avoid the trials of maintaining a perfect garden. That is the theme of this article by Benjamin Vogt who is a strong advocate of growing native plants to encourage wildlife. I came across the article on the Houzz website.

Not all gardens need to be manicured spaces, with raked beds, crisp borders and tiered levels of ordered plants. Not every plant, bird and butterfly needs to be in its place, at the right time and in the right moment. Instead, let go of wanting to achieve the ?perfect? garden and welcome a little more uncertainty. In doing so you may get to witness, celebrate and be a part of the natural ebb and flow of the wild world around us in a way you might not with a perfect garden.
The following strategies may help you end your quest for perfection in the garden while also helping you embrace a little bit of healthy, wild instability outdoors.
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Feature photo: Arthur Road Landscapes