Add Some Fun To Your Garden With these Head Planters

Statues are a form of garden decor that can add a special feel to a garden. Reproductions of classical figures are suitable for a formal setting while animals and some modern characters are better placed in a more relaxed situation. The planters illustrated below are all made in a formal style but the addition of plants gives them a comic appearance. See if you think this is a good idea. I came across these heads on the Karma Stream website.

Expressing your creativity in making some garden decorations is a good idea. DIY project are always a good choice when it comes to garden decor. They are cheap, and you will end up with unique items that will have your personal note. When it comes to planting,they are getting creative. Seems like people are using everything they can for planters. And today I have a unique and creative idea for your garden. Take a look at these dazzling head planter that will add some fun to your garden!

Adding some head planters to your garden will make it appear more beautiful. Instead the ordinary way of planting, this one is definitely worth trying. And the best part is that you can make these yourself. They can be made out of concrete. The process is quick and easy. All you need is? Styrofoam wig form as the base, glue and ?cement. Make a hole on top of the wig form. Make a hole all the way to the bottom that will let the water drop. Coat it with glue. Then, cover the head with the cement. Let it dry completely. After that, you are free to plant whatever you like in your new planter. Choose your favorite plant!
This should be the end result. It looks amazing!


You can plant any flowers you like. Use these head planter like you would normally use pots. They will fit in perfectly in every garden.

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Feature photo: HGTV

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