Add An Eastern Touch With A Moon Gate

The circular shape which is known as a moon gate originated in China thousands of years ago and has now been modified for use in modern gardens. The original gates were constructed of stone, but modern designs use various materials while maintaining the circular moon shape. And a moon gate creates a special feel to the garden as Janet Dunn explains in her article which I found on the Houzz website.

The circle is one of the most eloquent shapes in our universe. It expresses completeness, continuity and protection ? a beginning and an end in one flawless arc. In Western culture, the circle?s magnetic power is explained as a function of the human eye and brain, and the subconscious pleasure that comes from viewing its harmonious symmetry. In many other cultures, it is richly charged with meaning, depicting profound links between humans and nature. A graceful moon gate can express all this in the modern garden. Do you have room for one in yours?

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Feature photo: Hoi Ning Wong