Add A Touch Of Old-Fashioned Beauty With Hollyhocks

They may be old-fashioned, but in the right situations hollyhocks provide a great display. The large saucer-shaped flowers grow on stems which can reach a height of nine feet. There are also smaller varieties so there is plenty of choice. Hollyhocks are said to be deer-resistant and attract beneficial wildlife such as bees and butterflies. I found this information in an article by Noelle Johnson which comes from the Houzz website.

While they may be old-fashioned flowers, hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) definitely deserve a spot in today?s gardens due to their tall stature and large, colorful blooms. The flowering spikes can vary from 3 to 9 feet tall, depending on the variety, making them lovely background plants with shorter perennials and ground covers in front.
These flowering plants are biennials, meaning they produce leaves during the first year of growth and flowers in the second year. While they are short-lived, they reseed on their own, ensuring their presence in the garden for years.
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