I do so enjoy the Garden Rant website where the authors line up to vent their spleen against all manner of things that irritate them. But even the most vocal? ranters sometimes run out of steam. As Elizabeth Licata admits you can only rage against the same topics so many times. One of her pet hates used to be poinsettias, but with some exceptions she has now had a change of heart.

As you can? imagine, many of my most passionate rants are years in the past, back when we started. You can only inveigh against lawn culture, shake your fist against Big Chem, or rage about cheap resin statuary so many times. Then there the things I?ve ranted against that many people like, including a whole slew of plants that I?ve deemed boring, overused, or just plain ugly. One of these was poinsettia, which abound at this time of year in nurseries and big boxes. (I?ve also seen them as lanky shrubs growing outside in places like Barbados, but that never bothers me.)

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Image source: TANAKA Juuyoh