This is the last review that I will post (unless I come across something really exceptional), but this garden journal from the Green Bench Ramblings blog is just too good to ignore. Apart from the journal itself there many great photos which give you real insight to an English garden in December. There are berries of many types and colors outdoors and inside the greenhouse flowers a plenty.

To celebrate the moving from 2015 into 2016 I thought an appropriate post to publish would be my final monthly garden journal entries for 2015.
This is the final month of reporting on my garden journal where I have been keeping track of what has been happening in our Avocet garden. December should be a month of cold nights, frosts and wintry showers but this year it has been a month of strong winds and rain accompanying mild temperatures. We have still only had one frost in this last bit of the year. Our Dahlias remain outside as we move into the first week of December as we are waiting for frosts to blacken their foliage which would allow us to prepare them for their winter rest.
Opening up my garden journal onto the first pages for December reveals photos of berries which are such a strong feature of our winter garden.
2015 12 28_7595_edited-1
My first entry for December reads, ?The berries of our trees and shrubs give bright splashes of colour in the Winter Garden.?
My photos show berries of Hypericum, Sarcoccoca, various Hollies and one of our Sorbus.

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Image source: Green Bench Ramblings