A bouquet of flowers is a traditional gift which is much appreciated by the person who receives it. But the tradition also extends to the meaning of flowers so you need to choose the blooms in your bouquet with care in case your gift conveys an unintended message. This article from the Avas Flowers website introduces you to this hidden language of flowers.

A gift of flowers is always a welcome surprise, especially around Christmastime. A few days ago, I received a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums from my best friend. The gift was all the more special to me because chrysanthemums symbolize friendship and good cheer, so my best friend chose a gathering of flowers that really touched my heart. Did you know that most flowers have a special meaning attached to them? Consider some meaningful flowers that would make a great gift for a friend or loved one around the holiday season.
White Camellias
When you give someone a white camellia, you are telling the person that they are desirable. This makes a white camellia the perfect flower to give to a longtime girlfriend. Also, a man can give this flower to a woman to let her know that he really wants to get to know her better.

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Baby’s Breath
A bouquet of baby’s breath is a symbol of purity and innocence. This is an ideal option to send to a couple who has just had their first child. Other flowers, such as daisies, can be mixed in with a bouquet of baby’s breath, or they make a very beautiful bouquet on their own.
A lively bouquet of daffodils represents new beginnings. A gathering of daffodils makes a great gift for a friend who has just changed careers, started a business, or recently married. These joyful flowers are traditionally associated with springtime but are a lovely sight at any time of the year.

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