With Christmas fast approaching we are likely to be distracted from the normal gardening tasks and so I thought it might be helpful to show you this list. It comes from Kay Hinkle from The Master Gardeners website and consists of a wide range of tips covering things you need to check at this season. Everything from reminding you to mulch your strawberry plants to asking whether your bat house was occupied last year.

Only a few short weeks until Christmas and a few months until the planting season is upon us. Now that your Christmas List is well on its way to completion, you may want to be sure that the last few to-dos are crossed off your gardening list before winter sets in.

  • Did you mulch your strawberry plants after they went dormant? It is important to do this before the temperature drops to 20 F. This will help prevent winter damage and provide cleaner berries in the next year.
  • You may still be able to collect some seeds from your favorite flowering plants. If so, store them in a cool dry place for next spring.
  • Spring bulbs can still be planted as long as the ground is not frozen. By taking advantage of late season bulb sales, one can look forward to a colorful spring landscape – even before the last snow melts with early bloomers like snowdrop!
  • Vegetable crops like Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale are sweeter after frost. Keep harvesting them as long as you are able to do so.
  • A thick layer of mulch will help extend the life of your root crops like carrots, leeks and parsnips. Dig them out as needed.

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Image source: JK Werner