9 Ways to Make Your Garden Wildlife-Friendly

By creating a wildlife haven in your garden you will not only be able to enjoy watching the birds and butterflies that visit, you will also have the benefit of their actions as natural pest controllers. To have the bugs and insects that damage your plants eaten by birds is preferable to using a chemical spray. In addition bees act as pollinators for flowers and fruit. I came across this article by Lauren Dunec Hoang on the Houzz website which describes nine design ideas from wildlife-friendly gardens.

Having a wildlife-friendly garden doesn’t mean you need to let everything grow wild — although you can. There are plenty of ways to make even the most stylish, ordered and contemporary gardens attractive to pollinators and other beneficial wildlife. With smart plant choices and a few design moves, you can increase both the biodiversity of your yard and its overall visual appeal.

Take a look at the following good-looking gardens from Vancouver to the Netherlands, all bursting with color and design ideas that will lend a helping hand to local wildlife.

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