9 Plants To Avoid If Allergies Are A Problem

9 Plants To Avoid If Allergies Are A Problem

If you love gardening but every time you venture outside you suffer from allergies or asthma the reason could be the plants you are growing. So if you are affected then check out this list of nine plants that could be the cause of your distress. Maybe you will find that some of the plants might be your favorites which you would be reluctant to lose, but this list also includes suggestions of alternatives which would not cause the problems. The nine offending plants are described in an article by Marianne Lipanovich which I found on the Houzz website.

Do you love your garden but find yourself inside looking out at it, rather than spending time in it, thanks to allergies or asthma? The secret to enjoying being in your garden is to find plants that give you the look you want and that are also far less likely to cause problems for you.
Not everyone is allergic to the same thing, and allergic reactions can range from the symptoms of hay fever (Allergic rhinitis) to rashes, hives and blisters (contact dermatitis). Some popular annuals, perennials and shrubs are more likely to trigger allergic reactions than other plants. Below, we call out those plants and offer ideas for replacing them.
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